1Meet The Trainers

Eaton and Lucy are the Co Owners Action Boot Camp the best outdoor training facility in Nottingham. Eaton is in the top 3 WKC Kettlebell Pentathlon lifters in the UK and Lucy is a “Lean Mean Machine” when it comes to Kettlebells and pure body weight training.

They train you as they train themselves – 30 Minute H.I.T sessions that fit into your busy life to Maximise Your Results – In Less Time – For Less Money.

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You’ve tried the health club, been to zumba, starved yourself on several diets and wasted more than you dare to imagine trying to become leaner and stronger. You’re now, finally ready, to start building yourself the body that you really want and do the work required.

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3Our Training Principles

To become leaner and stronger solution is simple – Doing it is the tough part!

We keep it Simple, Effective and keep you accountable for your results.

30 minute H.I.T. sessions that fit into your busy life to maximise your results!

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