Titanium Tribe – Small Group Kettlebell Training

In the Tribe You work closely with Kettlebell Coaches Eaton and Lucy.

First and Third Kettlebell Pentathlon Lifters in the UK.

Learn the best Kettlebell skills and start building yourself  the body that

You Really Want today!

Specific Small Group, Kettlebell Strength Training.


A Combination of Cardio and Weights for amazing results.


You train with us twice a week to learn the Kettlebell lifts that we use in our training to transform your body shape!

  • Low impact great for your joints and core


  • High Energy, Fat Blasting, Kettlebell Training.


  • For a leaner, stronger you.

You don’t bulk up – the heavier you lift – “The Leaner & Stronger You Will Become”


 “I joined the Titanium Tribe about five months ago and absolutely love it! Every training session is different, it’s an invigorating, brilliant way to start your day when everyone else is asleep! Most importantly though, it is fun. What can I say about Eaton? He’s a fantastic motivator and encourages you to take your body to the next level picking up a heavier kettlebell. He’s a good laugh too and hugely caring about his Titans.” – Titan – Bev Stoves


 “Girls can’t lift weights as they end up looking like body builders, or so I thought! I’ve been training with the Titanium Tribe for the last 6 months and have progressed from an 8kg kettle bell to a 22kg, all with out really realising because Eaton is such a good motivator. Yes, I’ve developed muscles, but not in a body builder way, my body is just more toned with less wobbly bits. In 6 months with the Tribe I’ve seen far better results than I ever achieved from years of training on my own at a gym.” – Titan – Amanda Tobias Edwards

To come a try a Free Session with us or

for more details contact us Now email: info@titaniumproject.co.uk

 Call Eaton on 07725 304245    OR    Lucy on 07784 091035


Here’s a short video clip of us (Eaton & Lucy) in action


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