Personal Training

Too busy to get to the gym and then don’t know what to do when you get there?

Feeling frustrated and angry with how you look and feel right now?

Want to workout but don’t know what to do?



We specialise in creating fun, challenging training sessions for people of all shapes, sizes and fitness levels.

Quick 30/45 “H.I.T.S Training” that will help you transform how you look and feel.

To make it easy for you we come to you either at home or your place of work.

Affordable training that will get you the Results You Want, Faster!

We train together 2-3 times a week with Kettlebells and Bodyweight

Non stop 30/45 minute H.I.T (High Intensity Training) sessions designed to melt fat, tone muscles and shed inches.

Half the time – Twice the results.


How will You Achieve Your Fitness Goals?


We work together lifting Kettlebells and using your body.

Kettlebells are the best piece of fitness equipment you can use when it comes to burning calories, building your strength, increasing your energy and redefining your shape.

If you want to shed fat and become leaner and stronger you need a mix of cardio and weights.

Kettlebells will give you the perfect combination of Strength and Cardio training, helping you become leaner and stronger without impacting upon your joints.

No more boring long runs or hours wasted in the gym.

Our unique style of Kettlebell training will enhance how you look, feel and perform.


What’s the secret to getting the body you really want?


There are no big secrets to you getting the body that you really want, in fact the answer is very simple, you just have to do three things.

1. You need to do the right kind of strength training with weights.
2. You need to eat the right kind of food.
3. You need to do 1 and 2 consistently.

The key is Accountability and Motivation – That’s where we come in to keep you on track and feeling Great


Why should You choose Us?


If you’ve done the gyms, been through all the classes and wasted hours running nowhere then you are ready and open to try something that really works.

You’ve been told that cardio works.

You’ve heard that lifting weights is what you should really be doing.

Well Kettlebells are a combination of them both and there isn’t a Kettlebell coach in this area that can lift or teach Kettlebells better than us.


How Does It Work?


You train with us 2- 3 times a week.

To make it easy, we fit into your timetable, we come to you at work or at home.

In your 30/45 minute H.I.T session, you’ll train non stop to melt the fat from your body,

shed inches and change shape.

All ages, shapes, sizes and fitness levels can train with us.

We offer either a male or female Personal Coach

No minimum terms or hidden contracts.


For more details call us now:

Eaton – 07725 304245    OR    Lucy 07784 091035


Since I have been training with ‘The Titanium Project’ I have seen a vast improvement in my level of fitness. I find his programmes varied and interesting. He always pushes hard and never lets me slack. He even rings me to make sure I am ready for the session.
I feel he is with me all the way and he has tailored a program that suits me perfectly.

Emma Rutland

Emma Rutland / The Duchess of Rutland - The Titanium Project

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